A fine class society

The VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring is a class society. And whilst this term describes rather a negative fact in common language use, the division of the race cars in different classes is an inherent part of the popular grassroots series. The fact that close-to-production touring cars compete with sophisticated race cars ten times a year in this championship provides a unique mixture of makes and models and is greatly appreciated by all the fans. They can very often experience battles between David and Goliath. Furthermore, the class model has since long been the successful basis in the endurance racing championship for the scoring of points, a simple summary of which is the set phrase ‘many foes, much honour’.

The strongest class in the current season 2013 after seven races appears to be the Cup class for Opel Astra OPC race cars which was introduced this year only. The class so far figured 19 cars on the average in each race. The fact that the current championship leaders are actually not competing in this class is due to the high number of top drivers. The competition with identical material is so high that there is no series winner who succeeds in making a walkover.

The GT3 class SP9 and class V6 (VLN series production cars up to 3,000 cc cylinder capacity), too, are extremely competitive with the average of 17 participants respectively. The first class in this statistics which currently plays a decisive role in the championship is class SP 7 (VLN Specials up to 4,000 cc cylinder capacity). Manthey of the team Wochenspiegel has scored four victories and three second places in this class so that Michael Jacobs (Roetgen-Rott/ Germany), Oliver Kainz (Kottenheim/ Germany) and Georg Weiss (Monschau/ Germany) are currently shown in second championship position. Ex-aequo in second place are Christoph Breuer (Nettersheim/ Germany) and Elmar Deegener (Stelzenberg), participating in class SP 3T (VLN Specials up to 2,000 cc cylinder capacity with turbo) which comprises 13 cars on the average. The class of the championship leaders, reserved for Renault Clio Cup vehicles, figures however an average of 11 participants. But Dirk and Tim Groneck (both from Melle/ Germany) have achieved six victories and thus honestly deserved the provisional lead in the championship.

The fans may now look forward to the eighth round of the VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring. The ROWE DMV 250-Miles-Race will then open another chapter in the history of the 2013 season.