2024 NLS dates

The racing calendar of the traditional Nordschleife racing series includes eight races at six events. All races are held on the combination of the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit and the legendary Nordschleife.

2024 NLS calendar

06.04.2024 NLS1: 64. ADAC ACAS Cup
07.04.2024 NLS2: 63. ADAC Reinoldus-Langstreckenrennen
13.+14.04.2024 ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers
22.06.2024 NLS3: 69. ADAC Westfalenfahrt
03.08.2024 NLS4: ROWE 6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen
19.10.2024 NLS5: 55. Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy
16.11.2024 NLS6: 56. ADAC Barbarossapreis