Strong media coverage in the 2012 season

The fans in the VLN endurance racing championship can this year experience a media coverage stronger than ever: A one hour magazine is broadcasted in channel SPORT1 in the short term after each round; these reports as well as some repeats are also shown in the pay-TV channel SPORT1+. After each VLN race, the endurance racing championship is furthermore represented in ‘SPORT1 News’ on Sunday evening and on Wednesdays in the ‘Motorsport-News’.

„We rely upon a strong TV presence in Germany because this is our main audience“, says Karl Mauer, VLN Managing Director for Marketing and Media. “On the other hand, the endurance racing championship is also very well represented on an international basis, in particular due to the internet. Anybody wishing to follow the 2012 series with moving pictures can easily do so. Especially the live stream on and on this season is an important additional value for drivers, teams and fans.”

In time for the 2012 season, the VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring started to launch the internet in the most important social networks. The fans quickly appreciated very much the offer on the platforms Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In addition to the reports in all channels shortly after each race, major focus is in particular put on the interaction of the fans amongst each other and also with the VLN organisation. Apart from TV, the VLN is also outstanding regarding the moving pictures to be seen online. The news clip can be seen online already on Sunday morning after the race and the complete Sport1 reports can be found in the short term after the television premiere on the VLN-own YouTube channel – this is very much appreciated by the fans.

Whether ‘on air’ or via the VLN online channels, the endurance racing championship mid-season goes strong with an excellent media coverage. Top values of more than 110,000 TV viewers of the SPORT1 reports have been recorded. More than 170,000 people used YouTube online to see the films and the weekly top coverage in Facebook also comes up to a six-digit figure.