VLN comes to a positive assessment of the season 2010

After six out of ten races of the VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring, the VLN’s assessment of the 2010 season so far is positive. “Our currant evaluation is very positive although we are slightly behind the figures of last year. This is in particular due to the uncomfortable calendar”, explains VLN Managing Director Robert Rust. “The schedule with three races in July within a period of only five weeks – and in addition in the summer holidays – this is not a very suitable timetable for our participants. I am nevertheless convinced that we will reach the figures of last year and to confirm these after the oncoming 6h Race and the remaining three events.”

On the average, 179 cars participated in each practice up to now in the season 2010 and 170 cars took the start to each race. In total, 381 different vehicle makes and models took part in the races so far. The cars on the starting grids came from 28 different car manufacturers. The manufacturers represented with the greatest numbers of cars were first of all BMW with 65 cars, ahead of Porsche (29 cars) and Renault (18 cars). The variety amongst the drivers who experienced the myth of the Nordschleife at this endurance racing championship is meanwhile even greater than the variety in the vehicle makes and models. The total of 1.007 drivers of 33 different nationalities took up the challenge in the races. The greatest number hereby came from Germany with 732 race drivers, followed by Switzerland (49), Great Britain (27) and Austria (24). The meanwhile world-wide acceptance of the series is underlined by drivers coming from Australia (4), Brazil (1), Ecuador (1), Japan (10), Qatar (1), Mexico (1), Russia (22), South Africa (1), Ukraine (5) and the Unites States of America (8). As motor sports is currently still dominated by male racing drivers, the VLN is very proud that 17 fast lady drivers have joined the endurance racing championship in 2010. Amongst the 1.007 drivers, 225 registered drivers were fighting for the prize money awarded in the championship.

In the last six races, the total distance covered by the crews all together on the 24.369 kilometres long combination of the Nürburgring short connection and the Nordschleife was equal to 18.959 laps which corresponds to 462.011,87 kilometres or 1.27 times the distance between earth and moon.

The highlight of the endurance racing season is on the calendar for the 31st of July. Some of the above figures will certainly be adjusted upwards with the big grid to be expected for the 6h ADACRuhr-Pokal-Rennen.