Right on time for the start of the season, the Nürburgring Endurance Series presents the campaign ‘RESPECT! – My race is fair play’. The aim of the #myraceisfairplay campaign is to remind and at the same time promote respectful treatment and appreciation of all people involved in the race. In order to convey this signal externally, the NLS will in future distribute free stickers which the teams will affix to their race vehicles and thus visibly declare their commitment to the campaign.

With the new campaign, respect among all parties involved shall be promoted – both between teams and drivers as well as in the contact with Race Control. For a multi-class series like the NLS, co-existence on the race track is a particularly important aspect: everyone has the right to drive their race, from the small Dacia to the GT3 bolide. Respectful communication among each other also plays a big role.

The entire VLN team is highly motivated and has taken up the topic of ‘customer friendliness’. There has already been a lot of positive feedback in the run-up to the season. The management would now like to carry this spirit into the paddocks. “I am convinced that we and the teams will send a clear signal with the ‘RESPECT! – My race is fair play’ campaign to promote togetherness in the NLS,” says NLS Head of Sports Christian Vormann.

The stickers ‘RESPECT! – My race is fair play’ stickers are available free of charge at the Driver Info (ground floor, start-finish building).