Riedel to become new radio communication partner of NLS

Riedel Communications is the new partner of the Nürburgring Endurance Series. The communication technology specialists from Wuppertal offer for the teams professional radio solutions that can cope with the high topographical demands of the Green Hell.

“When it comes to issues of radio communications, Riedel is an institution,” says Michel Pathe, Managing Director of VLN VV GmbH & Co. KG. “It is not without reason that the VLN organisation has been relying on Riedel products for years, just like a large number of our teams. The partnership that has now been concluded is a logical step and will bring a number of innovations to the livestream this year.”

“Due to its unique topography, the Nürburgring is a very special challenge when it comes to radio coverage – as anyone who has ever been without a mobile phone network or radio reception somewhere in the forest knows,” says Wolfgang Frings, Head of the Riedel Shop NBR. “However, we have intensively examined the issue and we have for several years been able to provide solutions that simply work. Not only normal voice radio connections on the entire grounds can hereby be delivered via our infrastructure, but also video or data transmissions in the area of the paddocks and the pits.”

At the Nürburgring, Riedel has a permanently installed radio and intercom infrastructure that is available all year round and covers all relevant areas around the Grand Prix circuit, the Nordschleife, the paddocks as well as event and parking areas. The portfolio includes completely assembled sets for the teams, which can be rented for individual races but also for an entire season and are ready for immediate use. The starter solution, for example, includes two handheld radio sets and a vehicle radio set as well as two communication groups for connection with the vehicle and the team. In addition, suitable wiring harnesses and headsets for installation in helmets, including installation service, are available for purchase. There are virtually no upper limits. Riedel also offers individual solutions for teams with several vehicles and different communication groups.

Interested teams can reach Riedel via the following contact details: Shop.NBR@riedel.net / +49 202 292-9865