DMSB decides to postpone the introduction of FT3 tanks

For the 2023 season, there is no need for action for the teams of the Nürburgring Endurance Series regarding FT3 tanks. At the request of the Safety and Medical Commission, the DMSB Executive Board has decided to postpone the introduction of the mandatory safety fuel tanks according to FIA standard FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 and FT5-1999 for the classes VT1-VT3 and VT-Hybrid until 1 January 2025. The deadline for the classes V3 to V6 will for the time being remain unchanged with 1 January 2024.

In summer, the DMSB Task Force had made an appeal to act with foresight in view of the currently existing and further threating supply chain problems as well as the worldwide shortage of raw materials and other logistics problems. The offer to those affected to contact the federation directly in the event of imminent emergencies was followed by several series organisers – including the Nürburgring Endurance Series – who pointed out the problems with the conversion to safety fuel tanks. The Task Force then started an initiative, a decision was taken by the Safety and Medical Commission and now confirmed by the Executive Board.

The background to the decision is the extremely long delivery times for the aforementioned safety tanks. This would have forced competitors to choose tank variants that would have been unsuitable for the vehicles in question.