Home story: A visit to Sorg Rennsport

The way in which Daniel and Benjamin Sorg live and work in their premises in the “Vohwinkler Straße” in Wuppertal and how they grant their visitors access to their “hallowed halls” may already reveal the basic characteristics of Sorg Motorsport. The modesty, the down-to-earth attitude and in particular the family atmosphere are immediately and permanently perceptible. And also their success, of course. You see trophies all around and the walls are full of posters, photos and certificates demonstrating the amazing number of race and championship victories.

“It is indeed a dream that we can now make our living from what originally started as a pure hobby”, reflects Sorg and his facial expression seems to reveal that there are still moments in which he himself seems to be most amazed about this.

Sorg Rennsport is a true family enterprise as the spouses of the two are also employed at the company; Daniel’s wife Natascha is in charge of customer support and scheduling, Benjamin’s wife Meike takes care of the accounting. Occasionally, even Benjamin’s father in law supports the team. The “Sorg brothers” (this is how Daniel and Benjamin like to call themselves) have moreover two mechanics as permanent employees for the preparation of the cars and during their many participations at the various race tracks around the world, they can count on the support of a huge crowd of helpers and accomplices. These are normally around 30 persons at a VLN race and up to approximately 50 at the Nürburgring 24h Race. The greatest number comes from the family, from their friends and their circle of acquaintances. So an important resource on which the Sorg brothers can gratefully rely upon.

Since long, Sorg Rennsport has become a first-class address for paydrivers from Germany and abroad. The same applies for sponsors and marketing partners which is not surprising considering the background, the quality and the competence of the team as well as their record: Almost 20 class wins in the VLN, three class wins at the Nürburgring 24h Race, one victory at the 24 Hours of Paul Ricard, second and third places at the 24 Hours of Barcelona and Dubai.

The complete home story about the Sorg brothers will be published in the next edition of the Racing News which will be available for the fourth VLN round from today, Friday 24 June, at the Nürburgring and from Saturday, 25 June, on this homepage.